The Future of Accounting Reblogged

I have been in accounting and finance for a while now over 10 years and I have noticed many individuals stuck. It is good to see the students thinking about this. Also looking at what CFO’s are looking for in a skillset is a large change. I am excited to see what the future brings for this profession and feel like training for accounting needs to change and be more aligned to technology and management information systems. The CPA leadership has started to understand this is essential to keeping the profession relevant. I will be starting to explore this more in my reading and blog.

Fahim Moledina

Technology in Accounting

It comes as no surprise how technology has made an impression in accounting offices. The talk of technology is one that will either raise fear or joy within accountants on what this may mean for their future career. In this post we will be addressing the pros and cons of technology taking place in accounting.


It’s clear how technology in accounting will be beneficial for various organizations. Since technology comes with the promises of improved productivity and efficiency within the workplace, organizations are motivated to implement them within their own businesses. Some examples of the benefits include:

  • Automation

By implementing new accounting software, doing tasks such as entering data, creating electronic documents, and producing receipts can be handled completely electronically. The systems prepare simple data entry to make it easy for accountants to input data and click a single button to generate financial reports.

  • Better Relationships With Clients


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