Fahim Moledina is the Principal Consultant for Opti-Syn Consulting and is a business leader with expertise in project/change management, finance, lean/agile methods, as well as marketing and sales. He has a passion for technology and has led multiple business transformation projects.

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Strategic business leader with expertise in technology, IT, project, change and process management, finance, lean and agile.

I have a passion for technology and am a solutions focused strategist whose experience will make me an ideal candidate to help organizations meet there goals. As the Principal of Opti-Syn Strategic Consulting, I have had multiple partners that I have put at the center of my customer-centric business while confidentially providing them with leadership coaching, process improvement, IT and technology strategy, finance, marketing, web development, and operational support and strategy. Much of my interactions with my clients have centered around technology and improving the user experience (UX) to focus on growth. I have also assisted many organizations with financial support and brought my different lines of business together to provide complete solutions to clients. I have worked in multiple industries as a consultant including retail, auto-repair, architecture, construction, healthcare, waste management, plumbing/ heating, logistics and oil field services.

My role at NAIT was unique as I was a leader in the Marketing and Communications group helping to define future strategy, providing financial management and modernizing the department as well making it more responsive to current needs which meant improving process and leveraging technology to do more with less. I led the automation of process within the department and in building multiple continuous improvement initiatives. I quickly became the superuser of the departments project management software and directed an upgrade through the software development life cycle, consolidating systems so the department could communicate more efficiently, in doing so I facilitated certain standards across the department to help make them more customer centric and focused on the user. I consulted and lead projects that included moving the department to an agile methodology as well as playing a key role in implementing a new digital asset management system that would seamlessly work with other software including managing stakeholder requirements and other business analysis functions. I was instrumental in modernizing the department, assisting in implementing a digital strategy and facilitated sessions to help integrate the department to create a more collaborative environment across multiple teams doing so with influence and building consensus within the leadership group facilitating over $1.8 million of efficiencies over 2 years.

As a District Controller at GFL, I led every aspect of the financials for seven districts. I assisted in daily operations and consistently provided direction to supervisors in their daily interactions. I supported Management in understanding their results and analyzing opportunities to improve performance. I supervised staff and my team and I led initiatives to reduce shipping costs for commodities and was instrumental in developing and work practices and efficiencies for a recycling plant. As a controller, I integrated multiple acquisitions re engineering and automating processes to build efficiencies across the organization. I was responsible for working closely with an analyst to automate reporting and to customize software to produce reports while training staff to understand affective visualization techniques and creating dashboards to help management make decisions. I also led the review of processes to accelerate the financial reporting process by over 40% significantly reducing waste and journal entries with automation. Many of my projects at GFL were technology driven and focused on efficiencies to enable growth.

As a Senior Manager at Valard, I gained experience in managing large diverse teams. I managed over 90 people across Canada on multi-million dollar projects. As a project manager, I worked on internal projects which included leading safety, quality, operations, finance, and IT teams as well as operational construction projects which were diverse and included multiple types of construction. I spent much of my time at Valard leading technology improvements and developing software solutions to meet stakeholders requirements while working as a senior technology officer, business analyst and product manager.

I have a wide breadth of experience that allows me to excel in several roles. In managing multiple types of projects in IT, construction and internal improvements I have gained valuable skills that are transferable so I can develop solutions for complex problems. I have a strong technical background and am versed in multiple programming languages being able to analyze and making large amounts of data functional. I have presented and coached senior executives, boards, and other leaders and am a passionate leader myself who can drive change and efficiency and I would be pleased to have an opportunity to discuss your needs and objectives. I am skilled with technology and have been in IT, financial, marketing and, operational roles and am driven to your organization.

Project, Change and Operations Management, Finance, Lean & Agile Expertise, Strategic Planning, Process Development


I am an outcomes-based leader and have a history of developing high performance teams and have been in senior management roles for over twelve years. I have excelled in managing change, complex projects, and leading business transformations. I have expertise in IT, finance, business analysis and process re-engineering, software implementation, workforce planning, building actionable strategic plans and optimizing operations while successfully leading teams to build high value products. With extensive experience in corporate communications, marketing, agile and lean methodologies, I have led many organizations in overcoming their challenges and this diverse skillset allows me to solve complex problems with complete solutions. As a solution’s motivated strategist, I aligned resources to meet goals and benchmarked metrics managing projects over $1.5 billion over my career.