Full-cycle Accounting 

We can perform the full set of activities to produce high-quality financial statements


We can advise and help forecast cash-flows assisting in keeping healthy ratios and liquidity positions. We can also counsel and help build bank relationships while mitigating risks if highly leveraged.


We have CPA’s and certified bookkeepers as partners who are available to assist in full bookkeeping services- only pay for the hours we work or get an annual price for stability.

Tax Filing and Solutions

We provide support for tax services for individuals and small and medium businesses tax support including full filing with efile. Our goal is to partner with you and we are always eager to help you at a very affordable price. We will also review any previous filings to make sure you are not at risk and can lead any communications with the CRA. Our goal maximize your tax savings while having the knowledge to not put you at risk.

Cost and Productivity Analysis (CPA)

In-depth knowledge of analysis and big data. We can take your data and translate it into appropriate insights. We can give guidance on costs and operational improvements to help improve productivity. We can help in choosing software to automate time and billing to clients as needed. We can help timesheets search keywords to setup management reports to understand the productivity of your staff. Dashboards and data can be filtered and cleaned so reports can be generated that are clear, concise and actionable for management/ operations.

Assistance in Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Transitions

Opti-Syn’s team has been involved and help lead over 25 mergers and acquisitions. We have helped lead initiatives to transform organizations providing for growth and integration across teams. We can assist you in your large business changes with our project management, change management and extensive skill-sets. Our team can help assist in valuation models, bid and negotiation tactics, and due-diligence exercises. We are comfortable in leading implementations on either side of M&A as our skillset lends us to be experts in this area. Our team excels at post-M&A integrations as our teams can help train and introduce processes and manage change across the organizations.

Financial Planning and Analysis (Forecasting and Budgeting)

Extensive expertise in building detailed forecasts and budgets. We build tremendous logic into our budgets and forecasts making them easy to update or we can assist fully through your variance analysis. We can build automated dashboards to simplify your financial process.