– Certified Executive Coaches provide confidential advice to enable executives and leaders to achieve their goals and priorities

– Partnership model that focuses on goal setting and planning to achieve these goals

– Coaching is built within an agile framework and can help leadership shift when needed

Our team provides leadership coaching that is kept confidential. Our coaching techniques help leadership lead, motivate & influence a team to deliver more than ever before. We help leadership energize you and your people. We have many frameworks and processes but understand each leader is different. Our GROW framework (goal, current reality, options/obstacles, will/ way forward) is simple yet effective as we can ask the right questions to assist you in meeting your goals. We provide cost-effective solutions to Executive and Leader’s challenges. Our coaching is highly focused and can help achieve short and long term goals but still agile to adapt as needed. Our team also provides assistance in developing career plans and helping individuals with their personal growth. Opti-Syn also provides specific skill and capability development with world-class tools that can help in assisting leaders with transformational changes. The executive and leadership coach helps develop a leader’s direction and skillset so they face today’s high-speed business environment. Strong and skilled leadership can help companies grow and we can help build this capacity.