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Travel Advice Following the Pandemic According to Fahim Moledina

Travel Advice Following the Pandemic According to Fahim Moledina

It has been challenging for some of us to even think about taking a break or vacation, even though others of us have dared to leave as soon as restrictions and constraints lifted little because of business or emergency.

The end appears closer, considering that the pandemic is finally within control, leading many of us to fantasize about taking a vacation. Fahim Ekbal Moledina, however, has provided you with some advice to help you get around in the post-COVID world because things are going to continue to be altered for a period.

Assess Your Desired Area

Many nations and states currently have varied visiting policies, many of which won’t change anytime soon. There are several nations that require testing and quarantine upon entry.

You can choose from a wider range of hotels by finding ones that provide free tests. There are additional rules that you ought to comprehend.

Strengthen Your Technical Skills

Technology goes beyond just being at ease using your device. You must become acquainted with this tiny portable computer. Fahim Ekbal Moledina says that living without these would be nearly difficult throughout a post-pandemic society. To use a cell phone, you must place orders, make bookings, and even present your vaccination passport.

Get Your Documents Organized.

Countries with rigorous rules in place to avoid COVID-19 demand vaccination records and test results. You must therefore maintain your medical records securely kept, so you are able to access them whenever necessary.

Create safe plans.

Fahim Moledina encourages those who want to travel to buy travel health insurance policies that cover complications caused by COVID-19. Being that not all plans cover this, you will see exclusions in numerous locations once these challenging times are over.

Expensive Purchases

Reap the benefits of any deals that are still available since once the travel sector gets off the ground, prices will go up. Prices will probably rise. Therefore, you must buy any product you have now in sight that is still less priced and available now.

Prepare for self-service or contactless.

You cannot undervalue the significance of social distance; therefore, get used to self-service, even contactless transactions. You must avoid touching persons and objects during car rentals, check-ins, as well as check-outs. You should be pleased to adopt and embrace this trend since it is positive.

Vital Questions To Ask Land with the Best Consultant - Fahim Ekbal Moledina

Vital Questions To Ask Land with the Best Consultant – Fahim Ekbal Moledina

Talk to as many business consultants as you can prior to getting one. Even when you have one person or company in mind, interview at least a few others as a kind of due diligence. Perhaps you will find that each interview helps you concentrate on the problems you are hiring a consultant to help resolve – Fahim Ekbal Moledina

Many consultants focus on two critical areas: raising revenues and cutting costs. What do you see as the relationship between the two functions, and which do you do well?

Cost cutting is the usual expertise of consultants. It is what many companies need. Most of these hired outside consultants to take an objective look at organizational charts, value-adding processes, and competitive settings. The consultant spends much time talking to a company’s clients so they know what they want and don’t want.

What was your personal experience before becoming a consultant?

It would help if you wanted any consultant you utilize to have a solid bottom-line sensibility. You want this person or team to concentrate on the things which will add a high amount of value to your company in the shortest time possible. This type of thinking does not come naturally to a lot of people. Usually, it demands two kinds of experience: a corporate turnaround specialist or a chief executive officer. A consultant with this type of experience has dealt with firm cost controls, high pressure scrutiny, and the demand for fast results. These are the exact features you must look for in anyone providing you with professional advice.

Who are some of your other customers?

Don’t be wowed by big-shot former customers. Big firms hire a consultant in teams to handle particular projects. Just because the person in the expensive suit claims a big company as a former client does not mean knowing the owner on a first-name basis. It is better if the consultant has worked with companies closer to your shape and size. They will more likely understand your needs.

If you are searching for a business consultant who can assist your company in thriving, Fahim Ekbal Moledina is the right choice. Fahim Moledina has been in the business for many years and is already familiar with the ins and outs of consulting services.

Fahim Moledina's List of Considerations for Hiring Business Consulting Services

Fahim Moledina’s List of Considerations for Hiring Business Consulting Services

Every entrepreneur wants to grow their company and become recognized as a trademark in the industry. However, because no one is capable of doing the remarkable, you must be creative if you want to realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

In order to operate a successful organization, there are a lot of factors to consider, making acquiring an expert’s assistance all the more crucial. You may learn what to seek when choosing a business consultation expert and why they are crucial for any firm from professional service consultant Fahim Moledina.

Working Knowledge

When you’re employing a professional for your company, one of the most important things to examine is their professional background. To find out more about an expert’s field of specialty, you should look into their prior experience. Seek specialists in your field if you offer a certain type of service or item.

The Price of the Solutions

The fact that businesses cannot afford the expense of an inner team’s solutions is another significant factor in their decision to hire a business consulting specialist. As a result, shifting to the offshoring option is a more than viable option.

On the other extreme, engaging a business consulting professional from a third party simplifies it for you because you invest only in the solutions you are engaging them for.

Look for Companies That Can Provide You with Custom Business Solutions.

The objectives and desires of every firm are unique, just as every single proposed business is. Every consulting firm must comprehend that each client’s business goal is distinct in its own right and that using a pre-established formula could not be successful.

Discover what market strategy they are supplying you when negotiating and concluding the procedure of business management consultancy. Do they want to hear about your goals and desires, or do they just provide you with a pre-made solution that is claimed to be universal?

Do they Receive Updates on Their Work?

People frequently believe that hiring a professional should be an additional investment because creating and implementing business concepts may appear like a simple undertaking. However, as you do so, be certain to search for those who are knowledgeable about the industry and stay up with the most recent market trends.

Per Fahim Moledina, employing a business consulting professional enhances the likelihood that your company will grow more quickly, change the goods or services, and provide a favorable perspective for the company.

Fahim Ekbal Moledina

Hire a Business Development Pro to Get More Clients – Fahim Ekbal Moledina

If your company has been struggling to get more customers in the last couple of months or years, think of hiring a business development professional to find the best joint venture marketing partners that can provide hot leads to your sales team – Fahim Ekbal Moledina

A lot of businesses can find themselves in a rut where it is really hard to acquire new clients. A joint venture marketing partnership can be the best strategy to get moving forward again. A business development professional will understand the process of creating a solid business deal that can grow your company. If you think that building a network of business partners can assists grow your business in ways that are unachievable by yourself, then look for the best consultant that you can bring in-house and do the deals that will get your business more clients.

Hire the Right Person

Hiring a business development pro is different than looking for a salesperson for the team. While a business development expert can always play the role of a salesperson, the opposite isn’t always true. A person who specifically focuses on business development will know how to communicate possible business deals to prospective businesses correctly. They will know that is it vital that a strong relationship is forged between the people doing the business deal and the company workers who will be involved in using the partnership.

Hiring a consultant like Fahim Ekbal Moledina to act as a business development pro for your business is a good route for many small companies. A lot of businesses that don’t have the internal manpower and abilities to identify, engage as well as do the business deals needed for development can gain from a consultant or consulting company that has access to the business decision-makers or the experience needed to reach out to companies and build up the relationships required to put together a great and remarkable business deal.

If you have decided that to get more clients, your business needs to make strategic business partners, then think of outsourcing the work to a consultant like Fahim Moledina in order to speed up the process.

Fahim Ekbal Moledina business leader

Who is Fahim Moledina?

Life and running a business are going to be better once you have a reliable consultant by your side. This professional will see to it that you have the guide towards triumphs. They are responsible for helping you out in planning, strategy making, and operations connected to your business.

Now, Fahim Ekbal Moledina is only one out of thousands of consultants who continuously offer their expertise to clients. So, let’s get to know him more!

Fahim Moledina is an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-based consultant. He is an expert in solutions and project management, wherein he enables a team to drive with efficiency and effectiveness across departments. His expertise also includes financial process optimization, systems thinking, project management, business technology consulting, process re-engineering, workforce planning, and optimizing operations. All of these are his focuses, as well as assisting the leaders in meeting goals that have long-term effects. Also, his experiences range from managing large and changing complex projects supported and leading transformations of multiple businesses and corporate communications. Plus, he has experience when it comes to marketing, lean business practices’ development, agile methodologies, and assistance to organizations in reaching long-term targets.

Moving on, Fahim Ekbal Molendina is a skilled and well-mannered leader who ensures to align resources regularly to meet bench marked metrics and goals. While doing these, he also ensures that strong relationships are built during negotiation processes between competitors, suppliers, and partners. His field of work allowed Fahim to utilize technology to its full capacity for growth and development efficiencies within organizations and businesses. His strong communication skills made it easier for him to integrate teams and build connections with one another. Another thing, he has extensive expertise in IT, finance leading, and marketing with other teams that help him in collaborating all of these for more positive outcomes.

Presently, Fahim Moledina is working hard to finish and gain his MBA, which will expand his reach and reputation as a consultant, given that his programming language knowledge is escalated. With his current journey towards MBA, Fahim became more confident with his multiple ERP knowledge, experiences, and multiple expertise that will take him farther in his life and career.

Fahim Ekbal Moledina

Business And Technology: What You Need To Know – Fahim Ekbal Moledina

Business and technology have gone along hand in hand for some time now, and Fahim Moledina understands this all too well. However, what are some of the vital innovations that have impacted the way we do business over the past couple of years?

Mobile Devices: This has had a considerable effect on business. It has enabled real-time communications across the street or all over the globe. Businessmen can keep in touch with their clients or suppliers easily and immediately. There has been a considerable shift in how people do business with this key innovation.

Fax Machines: This was an earlier innovation; however, it improved communication considerably. Faxes were and still are an extremely common way for companies to communicate with each other. What is more, it has made a remarkable difference in how people send information containing signatures. This was an extremely common way of sending apps for financial-related transactions since the signature could get scanned and sent along with the form.

Computers: This innovation has had the most considerable impact on the company. It has enabled virtually anyone to use powerful processing techniques to do calculations, with otherwise would be very tedious and time-consuming if done manually. This has had a strong impact on accounting functions, payroll, and admin tasks.

What is more, the emergence of graphics-related has allowed the average user to make stunning marketing pieces that would have otherwise needed professional designers. This made it likely to make efficient marketing pieces easily and quickly and assisted in improving the marketing effectiveness of small and medium-sized businesses.

Internet: Perhaps this has had the most profound effect on business. It has made international communication possible on an immediate and ultra-low cost basis. Information can now be transmitted all over the world fast, efficiently, and quickly. Almost anyone anywhere can obtain almost as much information as needed on an almost limitless basis.

If you want to know more about the latest innovation that can help your business thrive and be successful, there are some tips provided by Fahim Moledina. Knowing some of the critical innovations will surely assist you in reaching your goals.

Ideamensch Interview- Fahim Moledina (

Fahim Moledina has a passion for technology, finance and change and process management. A lean and agile solutions-focused strategist, he is owner of Opti Syn, a project management consulting company. As a member of Project Management Institute, he earned credentials including Project Management Professional, Professional Business Analyst and Agile Certified Practitioner.

With a customer-centric philosophy, Fahim Moledina has consulted for a variety of clients across numerous industries to help scale-up production, transition to the Cloud, improve processes, increase marketing, fine-tune web development, improve operational support and generate strategy.

He often helps companies improve the user experience and increase growth and scale. Fahim makes use of his years of experience across different industries to create complete solutions for clients.

He is able to leverage technology to modernize companies for optimal performance throughout the company and for customers.

Fahim Moledina

Organizational Development: Culture Changes and The Voice of The Customer- Fahim Moledina

Organization Development (OD) is becoming more important as speed in operations and strategy is becoming a necessity with technology changing how people work. Workplace culture is increasingly becoming important in organizations as companies need to modernize or even just keep up with the current market. The functions of an OD Department are vast and often they have high influence on the methodologies and processes that are key to employee’s skills, efficiencies and leadership. There are many companies with no OD group but somebody or a team of people always need to fill the role. OD demand is increasing with the pace of technology, business and customer demands to push organizations to keep up with demand. The methodologies and the processes built by OD groups send a ripple effect across organizations good and bad. Often these groups are empowered to make changes across organizations and really drive a corporate culture, they have many requirements and some of them I will not touch on, but the ones that I will are training, change management, and the OD team’s role in fostering the corporate culture. Human resource development (HRD) and OD are different as human resource development is focused on individuals growth (even though OD teams often will help on this training) within an organization while OD is more focused on the methodologies, processes and structure to improve organizational effectiveness so initiatives are often on a larger scale.

Read More About Fahim Moledina

It is essential the OD teams understand change as well as often they are facilitating or leading change. Often OD specialists are training groups on new methods and help guide restructuring if it is to occur. What is often missed in this role is measuring the impacts of the initiatives — often people think of OD initiatives as projects and follow up on measurement and impact is not as common as one would think. Still with the demands for change in regards to working with greater speed and hyper-personalization the question is how can OD teams helps foster an environment where change is embraced and the culture of an organization shifts to be customer centric and really based on the voice of the customer.

Organizational Development groups being Human Resource Department centric is inherently flawed. If OD teams want to implement change, the structure of teams being cross-functional and understanding the customer, client or stakeholder intimately starts to become very important. I do understand that this can be an undertaking with tradeoffs but cost-benefit analysis (CBA) should be carried out on initiatives and of course following if people-driven a comparative Cost-productivity analysis (CPA) is also highly recommended. Some methods of evaluation for initiatives as well as making them more iterative can help their success. OD initiatives are becoming increasingly important as these teams can affect outcomes that are important for organizations long term sustainability. Many OD initiatives are about setting an organizational culture and continuous improvements are common and OD teams can have a large effect on operational efficiencies. These teams can really focus their energies on empowering employees by eliminating traditional hierarchy across their organizations and fostering a culture of service that will help customer experience.

Without engaged employees, it is difficult to achieve high functional teams which are an outcome many OD teams strive for. Trust within teams and between teams is important in developing high functioning teams and often change can affect trust, so how do you foster change when needed without breaking trust? Building capacity for change takes time and change readiness is important in making sure teams can keep or build trust when change is occurring. Change initiatives can often be taxing on a team’s trust. Trust is often needed for agility and speed on teams and to build a high performing service-based culture focused on clients and customers.

OD plays a large role in facilitating organizational culture therefore often customer centricity initiatives are indirectly driven from OD. Even if OD teams are somewhat removed from day to day operations they often still instill the culture within the organization and to understand the voice of the customer (client/ stakeholder) you need to be willing to listen first. I have heard multiple times in my career that the customer “doesn’t know what they are talking about”. That “we are the experts” and the deliverable ends up being not what the customer wanted. Understanding the voice of the customer and the requirements that they are proposing is important in providing value as well in learning from past projects. OD teams can help build customer experience with processes and methods to instill a culture of listening and learning from customers and training across the organization to listen to the voice of the customer and their requirements.

Customer Experience (CX) is one of the largest drivers of change within organizations currently and it is a major strategy for service-based companies (I will talk about the growth of CX in another post). The demands of customers are growing and customers are easy to switch when there is a bad experience as brand loyalty is often only as good as their last experience. OD can be instrumental in capturing the voice of the customer and instilling a culture where the voice of the customer is a strategic priority within the organization is going to become increasingly more important as customer-obsessed organizations who personalize experiences will thrive and OD teams need to be ready to lead this change.

If you want extensive content on Organizational Development practice I highly suggest reading the book below:

Or at minimum check out Dr. John Latham’s website:

I am taking a break from blogging (just slowing down) as I focus on learning some programming languages and completing my MBA. Still, do not hesitate to reach out if you do want to connect.

More from Fahim Moledina

Fahim Moledina is the Principal Consultant for Opti-Syn Strategic Consulting and is a business leader with expertise in project/change management, finance, lean/agile methods, as well as marketing and sales.


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The CPA Fyre Festival: Flawed Examinations & Torturous Learning – Fahim Ekbal Moledina

I have questioned much of my formal learning recently in regards to not just the ROI but the tortuous nature of some exams. Recently I read about the CFE (CPA certification exam- Common Final Exam) that takes over two years to acquire but the exam is three days long and is fairly intense. I understand the need for an intensive process and training for any professional but at what point is this excessive. It seems like many professional associations currently are more interested in making sure they collect their money and also maximize their profits as they are not focused on teaching but maximizing their profit. This often means charging a high fee and in reality, do not measure the knowledge of the student. I will explain my positioning further in this post. The CPA recently had some issue with their CFE (Common Final Exam) it is a three-day ordeal that currently on average passes just below 80% of the writers. I have written exams much like this or in University had two to three-hour exams each day for 3 days which is fairly comparable. The issue here is often very accomplished individuals who are more than competent struggle on exams and often the competence on a subject cannot be measured on a three-day gruelling exam- I have met some incredibly bright people smarter than me who have failed exams and certifications that I have passed. Often these older organizations struggle with change. The CFE debacle has not been solved as students unfairly still had to write exams without appropriate resources as well as long waits of over 12 hours with minimal access to nourishment. It is disappointing that the CPA did not perform their due diligence in regards to QA testing for their CFE exam. Some basic best practices in regards to quality/ user testing would have probably solved the issues that occurred. The question is now with the CFE exam providing an unfair experience for students what will CPA do. It seems like not counting this attempt is a start but I know if I was a student and had put in all that time studying I would have been devastated being put in this situation:

The lack of exam integrity as the writer mentions is at best poor. The other items that are disgraceful are the lack of communication, humility and responsiveness from the CPA. As the majority of these individuals are young professionals my suggestion is for them to remember this and eventually push for changes. Being realistic about it there relationship with CPA currently is they are needing to be subservient due to trying to gain there credential. In reality when you article at a firm you are often working long hours on a salary where you end up making less per hour than 80% of administrative roles. Your earning potential is largely hampered until you “get your letters”. Therefore the amateurish attempt of applying the CFE exam changes cost these students a lot more than an attempt but time and future opportunities as well a choice to not be doggedly worked. The other issue here is some cities had a lot of issues while others had none so basically with double-blind testing at a national examination center which I think is a great standard but now the disadvantaged individuals are against others who had no issues. None of this has been addressed by the CPA except for hiring a firm to do an independent investigation. This will take time and not help the students that wrote and do not pass the CFE. There supposedly on the Reddit page was also an offer to defer exams if students chose but in reality, this is an unfair option to students who spent months studying only to do it over again. Some students question the ROI of a CPA and are wondering if an MBA is another option but these students have gone pretty far and will probably complete there CPA’s as they have invested a lot into them. In reality, this was a torturous exam that was made worse with the poor process and lack of due diligence.

My experience has always been nervousness, stress and some uncertainty with exams but at the same time, I always understood that exams were generally a necessity for a course. I question this now as I am not sure a traditional exam measures competence as much as people think. So back to the CFE- to become a CPA is fairly intense and a three-day exam seems excessive but the opposing view would be it weeds out individuals who might not be competent enough. I would argue a three-day exam is much like many of my university courses where I crammed a bunch of knowledge into my head and then proceeded the next month to forget it and create space for other knowledge. I will say there was a lot of room for improvement in my first learning experience I ran into some incredibly traditional learning with tenured professors teaching the same way they had for twenty years. Many University’s and professional designations are systemically structured to resist change internally while claiming and showing that they are open to change. In regards to competence, I ask if an individual did not know something they could research it and often figure out how to apply that knowledge. My personal opinion is the application of the knowledge is more important to test than the knowledge itself. Often open book exams and assignments, and presentations that can be prepared for are more realistic and practical. I have now been working in a leadership or administrative role for over fifteen years and realize the skill of writing an exam is something I have seldom used. Often it is simple to accept this and be socialized to do what you are told but we should be looking at our education system and asking if this is the best way to learn and re-evaluate learning. Many post-secondaries are trending in evaluating how people learn and also the mediums they use to teach. The traditional exam is losing traction to practical learning and assignments that are more real-life and application-based.

I also remember many of the exams I have written had options for courses to help you pass the exam. The course was not focused on teaching the skill or competency but completely focused on how to pass the exam. I have now come to realize that in the pursuit of knowledge instead of certifications I have become more satisfied with the content and skills I have gained. I commend many companies who share knowledge and provide training. Intel and Amazon now provide free AI and machine learning courses and Hubspot now has Hubspot University and if you are a marketer it has great training. There is much more offered in regards to free learning and organizations need to start looking at the value of this. I recently went to Prosci training and there was not an intensive exam but what Prosci did incredibly well was allow its students to apply the concepts to their real-world examples.

Some feeds from the CFE/ CPA exam are below:

‘Fyre Festival for accountants’: CPA Canada takes heat after national exams plagued by glitches

Edmonton Experience

CPA Negligence

Fahim Ekbal Moledina is the Principal Consultant for Opti-Syn Consulting and is a business leader with expertise in project/change management, finance, lean/agile methods, as well as marketing and sales.

Fahim Ekbal Moledina

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