Boot-camps, Self-Learning or Post-Secondary?

The need for Universities to adapt is clear but are the structures to rigid and are they to risk-averse? More entrants into this market are on their way?

Data’s Power and Danger

Data-driven decisions are becoming in demand. Skillsets are being demanded that are more diverse with all the information being generated what do we believe? There is a lot to digest with all the data supporting people that is incorrect as often it is biased. This post just looks to provoke though on where we are currently.

Learning has Changed: Re-inventing the Post-Secondary

I think of myself as a lifelong learner and I have noticed over the years how I learn and what I learn has changed very rapidly. All of a sudden I am considered an adult learner and have realized that I need to adapt how I learn. In working in post-secondary the institutions are starting... Continue Reading →

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