Design Thinking Supporting Business Transformation and Change

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" How does design thinking help in change and transformation initiatives?

Staff Empowerment the Key To Organizational Speed

Management and Executives are often afraid to let go of power and decision making. In working with very diverse companies and industries I have seen different levels of willingness to let go and empower staff underneath them to make decisions not just to keep at speed with consumers but also in making the highest-quality decisions.... Continue Reading →

Slowing Down to Speed Up

Agile business practice is all the rage currently. Management and executives want to do more with less and many believe in implementing agile business processes that they can reduce staff or increase throughput. At times this might be the case but often it is important to remember the point of agile is to put the customer satisfaction at the forefront. In stating all of this it is essential to think through changes strategically and understand the future state that is being driven towards. Often changing business practices to agile doesn't speed up work at all but often can slow things down if staff and management are not trained and disjointed.

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